Al Bilad Real Estate Investment Company "BREI" offers a highly professional real estate investment services tailored to deploy and enhance shareholders and investors capital requirement through the following


This product incorporates the establishment and management of structured real estate portfolios/funds to provide stable returns to investors.

Direct Investment

Investment on ownership basis in real estate directly or through real estate joint ventures to benefit from cash returns and capital gains.

Private Real Estate Portfolio

This is a tailored real estate investment product with diversified parameters that includes all real estate asset classes, with each asset weighted in proportion to its total presence in the market.


Partner with investors to target a certain real estate asset class in a certain geographic location in association and alliance of an international real estate Asset partners.

Joint Venture

This product is developed for smaller equity investments that desires to participate in a diversified real estate portfolio to reduce volatility and risk exposure.


This product incorporates the development and project management of real estate property or portfolios to create value add and capital appreciation components to enhance shareholders and investors returns.

International Asset management

This product is introduced to manage, turn around and sell an international real estate property or portfolio.